Guideline for

Case Submission

Submission format for The Challenger 2020 by TUBC

Michael Sonnerborg

• The presentation must be uploaded to the link must be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] under the subject, Teamname_CaseSubmission.

• Deadline for submitting the presentation is 10:00 AM on Monday, August 17, 2020. We will consider the time we receive the submission email as final, NOT the time file is uploaded. Please spare some time for uploading.

• Teams are required to submit THREE items as follows:

o One .ppt presentation file with 4:3 aspect ratio not exceeding 30 slides. The presentation must be in English and clearly indicate your team name on the cover slide (first slide).

o One .pdf file of the presentation (printable version) containing 2 slides per page (not exceeding 15 pages). Please ensure that your submission is clear and readable in grayscale, as it will be printed out in grayscale for the screening. We will utilize the color version slide deck for the Semi-Final Round.

o One-page executive summary of your presentation should be Times New Roman with at least 12-point size in .PDF format and clearly indicate your team name on top of the page.

Should you have any queries on the case submission process please contact us at 087-456-1733