Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge
The world’s leading business case competition

What makes it so special

The best description of Thammasat Business Challenge (TUBC)

Longest-running Competition

This year marks TUBC’s 23nd year of continuing success in the global business arena, where it continues to build its recognition as a highly prestigious case competition.

International Society

TUBC provides unforgettable networking activities with teams from leading business schools across the globe. Each year, we have invited over 16 international teams to join our event.

Students-Organized Event

TUBC is managed and organized by Bachelor's degree students. Our committees consist of over 50 lives with a passion to give the most valuable experience to all participants.

Innovative Competition

During TUBC, you will have a chance to explore a world of opportunities through various activities and challenging competition in a real-time scenario with limited tools and resources.

business case competition

In business case competition, the case, which is written based on real issues regarding a specified business, will be given to the teams to analyze. The teams will then present their solutions to a panel of judges and a winner will be announced.

  • A real business problem
  • Analyze and comes up with prominent solutions
  • Present to a panel of judges

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TUBC2021: October 4th to October 9th 2021

Let's hear from the Winner

KIT consulting from University of Florida — on how they have enjoyed the TUBC week and what it takes to be the winner of TUBC.

Once again, congratulations and we hope to see you again next year!

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