Message from the

Past Finalists

Let's hear from the Challenger 2019 finalists.

The Cha(lle)nger
Winner of The Challenger 2019

Michael Sonnerborg

"The Challenger was such an eye-opening experience that completed our university life. Not only were we given an opportunity to solve a real-world business case, but also a true friendship. The best part was how each of us could individually grow in a short period, embrace the new challenges, and go beyond our limits while having each other’s back. It was definitely a memorable case that all the hard work and dedication was more than worthwhile."

Double Positive Consulting
First-Runner up of The Challenger 2019

Michael Sonnerborg

"The Challenger will always be a memorable experience for our team. A week-long case is fundamentally different from a 24-hour case. You’re fresh and get time to let ideas develop. We learn to really understand how businesses are done in the real world. It is a great opportunity to meet other talented individuals as well as executives from the industry. The Challenger certainly provided the grounds for great ideas to foster unimpeded."

Meow Quartet
Second-Runner up of The Challenger 2019

Michael Sonnerborg

"Variety is the key to success of our team. Despite coming from different faculties, we respect our differences and opinions. So, keep it up and do your best with your team."