The Challenger Strives Forward - A Step Further in Thailand’s Case Competitions

Last updated: June 1, 2016

After establishing many years of quality case competition in Thailand, The Challenger will experience a new change that will unlock new doors within Thailand’s case competitions. 2016 will mark the first year in which The Challenger and the Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenger (TUBC), an international business case competition, will fully unite together.

Therefore, we are more than excited to announce that this year, the finalists of The Challenger 2016 will proceed as participating teams of the TUBC 2016


This change will open new opportunities for undergraduates all over the country, as the chance to compete against global talents from all over the world is right within their grasp. With hard work, perseverance and love for solving challenging problems, teams can prove themselves in the realm of business on The Challenger, and can also continue to further exercise their skills on the international stage of the TUBC.

The Challenger all started as an attempt to establish and plant seeds of business case competitions within Thai universities at the undergraduate level. And since then, the competition has experienced growing interest year by year, attracting more and more talented undergraduates. Astonishingly, the quality of solutions presented have continuously risen, prompting us to feel that it is only right that these talented teams are given the chance to pit themselves against the brightest undergraduates from around the world as well. The Challenger 2016 will consist of the following rounds:

Qualifying Round
All teams will analyze and formulate strategies to a given business case, which will then be electronically submitted. 16 qualified teams will then be chosen to proceed to presentation round.

Presentation Round
16 teams qualified for the presentation round will present their solutions to selected judges. The teams will be divided into 4 divisions of 4 slots each. The top team from each division will then advance on to the final round.

Four universities , including Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, Stamford University, and Thammasat University, who have long been participants of the TUBC, will have their team of choice be granted a fast track into the semi-final round of The Challenger 2016, who will then have to battle it out with 3 other teams in their division.

Final Round
The 4 finalist teams will proceed on to the TUBC 2016 as participating teams.

Not only will this format be more challenging and more competitive than ever, it also allows each team an equal opportunity to be able to compete in the prestigious TUBC alongside top global universities. We hope that you will find this change motivating, and look forward to having the chance to showcase your talents not only locally, but also internationally as well.

"Challenge your limit, never miss an opportunity.”