The Challenger Throughout the Years

Last updated: June 1, 2016

As this year’s competition approaches, let's remind ourselves on what The Challenger’s all about…

For the past four years, The Challenger has established itself as one of Thailand’s leading business case competitions for Thai undergraduate students. Hosted by the BBA International Program of Thammasat University, The Challenger brings together teams of local business enthusiasts from various universities across the country to tackle real business issues.

Michael Sonnerborg

The Challenger kicked off its first event in 2012 as an open competition alongside the prestigious international Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge (TUBC). Since then, it has garnered increasing attention from undergraduates year by year, engaging hundreds of teams countrywide. The competition provided the chance for Thai undergraduates to analyze and pitch in solutions to the same case as teams from leading universities around the world.

Michael Sonnerborg

Our vision has always been to encourage undergraduate students studying in Thailand to participate, compete, and challenge themselves in a real international business situation. We aim to provide an equal opportunity for young talents in the country to showcase their knowledge and skills to the international business community.

So what does the Challenger have in store for its participants? Every year, apart from the prize money, the trophies, and the certificates, what participants gain from the competition is much much more than what any physical reward can offer. It is the friendship, the teamwork, and the rich experiences all participants will receive that are like no other events. Regardless of whether your team comes out as the winner or not, the competition will prove to be a worthwhile experience that truly opens your eyes.

Michael Sonnerborg

This year will mark The Challenger’s fifth year of continuous success and growth as a competition that brings out Thailand’s top talents in the business arena. In addition, due to its growing success and raised bars, The Challenger will be back with a new and more challenging format. And we can’t wait to share the news with you!

We will be revealing this year’s competition format soon, so be on the lookout!

Stay tuned for The Challenger 2016 by TUBC!!!!