History of TUBC

Last updated: June 1, 2016

Since 1997, TUBC has established itself as one of the leading international business case competitions in the world.

Hosted by Thammasat University’s BBA international program, TUBC is unique in that it is solely organized by undergraduate students. As an invitation-only competition, TUBC welcomes participants from leading universities worldwide, where teams of four undergraduate students from each university compete to solve and present solutions to real-life business cases to experts in the field. Each team is given a mere thirty hours to analyze a full business case to the best of their abilities, giving them both a personal challenge and an insight into the fast-paced world of business. To succeed, participants are pushed to develop their full potential.

Michael Sonnerborg

TUBC’s mission is to foster learning and development in students by providing them an opportunity to exercise their knowledge and hone their skills, including but not limited to critical analysis and time management skills. For over a decade, TUBC has successfully achieved its goals: helping to prepare undergraduate students for a dynamic business world. In addition, TUBC aims to develop a strong network between business schools on a global scale, as well as increase awareness of case competitions in Thailand.

In the previous year, TUBC hosted participants from sixteen universities from nine different countries: Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, The United States of America, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Serbia. Before the case cracking period, participants were given an opportunity to experience the rich Thai culture through excursion activities such as elephant riding and Thai boxing. In addition, because the case cracking was hosted in the Millenium Hilton Bangkok Hotel located next to the Chrao Phraya river, participants were also given a glimpse into Bangkok’s city life while cracking the case.

Michael Sonnerborg

After a short thirty hours, each team’s hard work was applauded by both honorable judges and the general public during their presentations. The anxiety, thrill, pride and sense of accomplishment felt by every participant was clearly contagious, as the hall held a collective breath in anticipation of last year’s winner. Subsequently, the winner of TUBC 2015 was Singapore Management University, followed by University of Florida and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology respectively.

In this sense, we are beyond eager to see the performances of the teams this year, especially since this year will offer something new. 2016 marks TUBC’s 19th year of continuous success in the global business arena, where it has garnered increasing attention both locally and internationally. Hence, stay tuned as we will soon introduce the new format for TUBC 2016 which will ensure the increased success of TUBC in achieving its goals.

We will be revealing this year’s competition format soon, so be on the lookout!

Stay tuned for TUBC2016!!!!