Competition Format

Details on the competition


  1. Participants must be full-time undergraduate students from private or public colleges and universities in Thailand, or studying abroad but holding a Thai passport.
  2. A team must consist of FOUR undergraduate students.
  3. A team can consist of students from different faculties and/or different universities.
  4. Participants must be a member of one team only.
  5. The finalists of the Challenger 2015 onwards and participants of TUBC are not eligible to apply for the Challenger 2018.

The Competition

In a business case competition, participants are given a case based on a real company to analyze, solve and present to the judges under time constraints. The business cases will include facts and data about a company's situation, issues, and/or future goals. Teams will be judged on various criteria, such as depth of analysis, amount of creativity, degree of practicality, presentation skills and responses to judges’ questions.

All teams of The Challenger 2018 will be given a case packet in the form of a digital file to solve during the qualifying round. All teams will analyze and formulate strategies to a given business case, which will then be electronically submitted.

16 qualified teams will then be chosen to proceed on to the presentation round, including Assumption University, Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, and Thammasat University will have their team of choice be granted a fast track into the presentation round. The 4 highest-scoring teams will proceed onto the TUBC 2018 as participating teams.

Event Schedule

Date Event Venue
1 - 25 July 2018 Application Period Online Submission
27 July - 3 August 2018 Qualifying Round Online Submission
10 August 2018 Presentation Round Thammasat University
(Tha Prachan Campus)
9 - 13 October 2018 TUBC Week TBA

Case Format

You can download the case for The Challenger 2017 in pdf version from below:
SCB - Siam Commercial Bank

You can download the case for The Challenger 2016 in pdf version from below:
NGL - Ngern Tid Lor

You can download the case for TUBC 2015 in pdf version from below:

You can download the case for TUBC 2014 in pdf version from below:
DKSH - The E-Commerce Opportunity