Case Competition - Experience a Valuable Journey

Last updated: July 6, 2018

While many of you may have rich experiences in case competitions, some of you may still be wondering what it’s all about…

An undergraduate business case competition is an event in which brings young talents together to pitch in solutions to real life business problems. Undergraduate students form teams and are put under time pressure. In that limited time span, the team will be given a business case whereby they must identify business problems, analyse business situations and formulate business strategies to help solve the given company's issues. Undergraduate teams compete to produce the best solutions to those problems. Once all the teams have submitted their solutions, the top teams selected will be given the chance to present their recommendations to judges composing of executives and top leaders in the industry. Thus, only the best solutions presented by the best teams will be able to proceed to the next rounds of the competition.

Michael Sonnerborg Michael Sonnerborg Michael Sonnerborg

If you are a business enthusiast, someone who loves coming up with new strategies and ideas, loves the thrill of a challenge, or simply an undergraduate who wants to try something new, then case competitions may be the perfect event for you. Case competitions will prove to be a worthwhile experience regardless of whether your team makes it to the next round in the competition or not.

So keep an eye out for upcoming case competitions that may come your way!

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